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There is no snow in the Alps, what the internet says ?

There is no snow in the Alps, what the internet says ?
There is no snow in the Alps, what the internet says ?

Today lack of snow in the Alps is the number one news for ski resorts in Austria, Switzerland and France. Some resorts are trying to solve the problem by spending huge amounts of artificial snowmaking. This method, for example, was used by Ischgl, which spend about 1 million Euros on snow. Some resorts try folk remedies. According to BBC, one of the hotels in the Austrian Alps has hired 15 chimneysweeps. Chimneysweep is considered to be a good omen in Austria. The owners of the hotel hope to change the weather by hiring many sweeps.

Studying the situation in the leading ski areas in Europe online community leaves different comments about the lack of snow. Below are given some of the most striking comments that have been published on the forum of the British publication

Gallap: Too much sensations. For example, in Switzerland was excellent autumn with cold clear nights. In western Switzerland in the Champery-Les Crosets region had already experienced heavy snowfalls. According to the weather forecasters, this week will also be snowy. In general, little delay is normal.
captainunsensible: It seems that this season I will have to buy Rolex at home.
Barkinginlattin: Here it is absolutely clear picture of the global warming. And fake snow will not change it.
esotericben: Last year snowfalls began in mid-November, but disappeared in February, so in the Eastern Alps the season was closed in mid-March. It is difficult to say that these random fluctuations were caused by the global warming. But it is evident that the area of alpine glaciers continues to shorten. And this is the clearest evidence of the climate changes.
koeksister: I had to go to Switzerland recently. This country without snow is the most ridiculous thing in the world. Everything is extremely expensive and doesn’t worth the money. There is nothing to do, nothing to watch, everything is old and people around are old too. A week later I decided that this is the end and refused from future trips to this country.
berolpen: What a problem! Go to Canada and enjoy skiing there!
Snowy01: It's too early to start the ski season. The highest ski resorts have enough snow. In fact, now is the pre-season. And heavy snowfalls are quite possible in the next seven days. I’m not sure what ski tour to North America will help fight the global warming. And what about Scotland? Its ski resorts are fully covered with snow. Resorts open ski seasons one by one.

Ilya Kalachev

Date: 06/12/2011

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are you looking at the same planet as me, it's been snowing pretty much constantly since friday (six days), about 500mm in all. take a look at any of the web cams in clusaz, flaine, morzine, etc etc... do a little research before you publish please


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