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New Year vacation

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New Year is the main winter holiday and an excuse for protracted winter holidays. New Year on ski resorts is the peak of the season, when thousands of vacationers want to congratulate each other in surrounding of the beautiful alpine peaks, lush Nordic forests, in luxury hotels in Paris, Vienna, London, Berlin and other European capitals.

New Year is celebrated in different ways from one country to another. But the main day of celebration for most people in Europe and America is common - January 1. In many parts of Europe it even has its own name. Thus, New Year in Austria, Germany and the Czech Republic is called Sylvester in honor of the patron of this day - St. Sylvester. New Year's Day in France is called the Day of the Nut (Jour des Étrennes). However, its celebration is still associated with the name of St. Sylvester – it is the name for Christmas trees in France.

Unlike Christmas, which is celebrated with the family, New Year in Europe is celebrated with friends. Among the Europeans most famous festivities for the New Year are in Italy. Here can be seen fireworks, burning of old furniture and numerous street fairs and carnivals. New Year is known in Italy as Capodanno, whereas the festivities itself are called "veglone".

As for ski resorts, most of them offer special programs and events for the New Year. The more well-known the resort is the more grandiose the list of invited celebrities and events are. Among the ski resorts in Europe the noisiest and most lush celebrations of the New Year are held in Kitzbuel in Austria. There are held many parties with participation of pop musicians and movie stars, and the New Year fireworks are the best in Austria. Ischgl and Zoelden Austrian resorts also offer extensive entertainment programs with discos, concerts, yodel and mulled wine. New Year at ski resorts in the Czech Republic is popular because there is an opportunity to get to Prague, where New Year celebrations have long been one of the world's tourist attractions.

It is worth noting that there are no discounts during the New Year at ski resorts. In fact, it is the most expensive season, when prices for accommodation and food grow on average by 30-50%. Many popular ski resorts are occupied for the New Year already in September.

Some skiers try to avoid skiing in the New Year since many drunken people on the slopes do not allow to fully enjoy skiing. Nevertheless, for many celebration of the New Year with skis is a long tradition that every year becomes more stable.

In this rubric we will try to tell about the features of celebrating the New Year in the most popular European countries for the winter holidays.


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