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Snow in Australia?!

Snow in Australia?!
Snow in Australia?!

Have you ever thought that it could snow in Australia one day? Have you ever seen a kangaroo in skis? I suppose, you haven't. All of us consider Australia to be a really warm country where kangaroos and pandas live.

But what happened on June 14, 2007 amazed many native Australians who got used to see only two seasons in their native land: the season when everything is in blossom and the season of heavy rains. June, 14 they became the eyewitnesses of the third season in their country – winter. On that day in Queanbeyan (an Australian city that is situated not far from Canberra) was a heavy snowfall.

The citizens of this Australian city were really surprised and even not ready for such an event. The roads were closed because of heavy snow; students took an extra day off from schools... The city was in chaos because no one ever thought it could ever snow in Australia.

Of course, now snow in Australia is quite a surprising event for people but who knows? Maybe there will open a new ski resort soon and in the nearest future everyone will dream of seeing a kangaroo in skis? :-)

Date: 02/07/2007

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cam w


There are no pandas in Australia. There are also towns where it snows annualy in June - August. Also, the Australian Alps are snow covered most of the year. So really, people do expect snow in Australia.


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